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Copyright Law Research

Sources for research into copyright law

Copyright Law: Related Topics

Copyright law and policy intersect with many other areas of practice.  Check out the topics below to learn more.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Search Search Center, the Biddle Law Library's online catalog, to find more print and electronic sources. 

Domain Names, Social Media, and Copyright Online

Art Law

Art law incorporates not only intellectual property, but also contracts, licensing, international law, moral rights and many other areas of practice--all of which impact the creation, exhibition, transfer and sale of artworks.

Cultural Property

"Cultural property" refers to a broad category of man-made objects and artifacts, including ethnographical, architectural, historical, and archeological materials, artworks, writings, furniture, coins, etc.--anything that embodies the culture of a group.  The law of cultural property overlaps with intellectual property in several aspects, and implicates many common actors, such as museums, collectors and governments.


Licensing is one of the primary ways for intellectual property owners to capitalize on their assets.  It is crucial for transactional IP practitioners to understand how to read, draft and negotiate licenses.


Software presents unique challenges to intellectual property law.  In the United States and many other countries, software source and object code is primarily protected by copyright; however,  some aspects of software also may be patentable.  Consult these sources for an overview of software IP and transactional issues.