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Info on Diverse Genders/Sexualities and Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence

This guide's purpose is to provide information and contains statistics, first person accounts, and legal cases detailing the extent to which LGBTQ+ people of varied intersexualities face adversity, particularly within the U.S.

Film within Penn Libraries

Other Great Films

Videos Online

Geo Neptune: What does Two-Spirit mean?

A short look into the meaning and origin of the Indigenous and pan-Native term.

J.K. Rowling - ContraPoints

ContraPoints is a transwoman Youtuber who does analysis videos and video essays centered on queer, and primarily trans, culture.  In this video essay, she talks about TERF (trans-exculsionary radical feminist) and anti-trans rhetoric through a critique of author J.K. Rowling, who has become notorious for her anti-trans remarks.  ContraPoints is hilarious in her comprehensive approach of the topic.

Radical Kindred and Miss Major: On Trans Liberation
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy is a transgender elder with a lifetime of experience as an LGBTQ+ activist.  Her work has focused primarily on women of color and in this 2020 recording, she talks about her history as an activist and is interviewed about her work by viewers.

Susannah Temko: What it means to be intersex
A short TED Talk about medical violence against intersex children and why not only gender binaries are outdated and useless, but why sex binaries are just as useless.