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Journal Editor Resources: Cite-Checking

This guide is intended to capture essential information for journal cite-checkers and incorporate library policies started in 2021.

Journal Circulation Policies

Journal Circulation Policies

As an Associate Editor for one of the journals/law review you have special borrowing privileges at Biddle and Penn's campus libraries. The arrangements made at Van Pelt rely on your cooperation; please follow the directions for each library and do not abuse the privileges. Report any problems to your research editor. You will need your Penn ID card in order to access and sign out materials at campus libraries.  Remember: items signed out for your comment are to be put on your personal ID cards, NOT the journal cards.  

Biddle - When borrowing books at Biddle, take the material to the circulation desk. Tell the circulation staff which journal you are on. The staff will check to make sure you have borrowing privileges for that journal. Record books being signed out to your journal in the appropriate section of the white Journal Sign-Out binder on the circulation desk. Please use the appropriate journal section. Remember: items signed out for your comment are to be put on your personal ID cards, NOT the journal cards.

Van Pelt - You will need your Penn ID card to access Van Pelt and other campus libraries. Before signing out materials at Van Pelt or other campus libraries, please tell the staff member at the circulation desk which journal you on on. This is important so the material is not checked out to you individually. If you realize it was signed out to you personally, ask them to sign the book in and sign it out again to the journal. This re-assigning of responsibility can only happen with the actual material in-hand. If you have any problems signing out materials to the journal, please contact your research editor. Remember: items signed out for your comment are to be put on your personal ID cards, NOT the journal cards.

Non-Circulating Items

Most items in Biddle circulate to journal offices.  The following exceptions do not circulate without special permission:

  • Closed Reserve
  • Reserve Reading Room
  • Reference
  • Ready Reference
  • For/Intl Office
  • For/Intl Reference
  • Rare Books/Special Collections
  • Microfilm/Microfiche (because really, what can you do with it in your office?)
  • Unbound journals

If the location in the catalog record reads as Biddle or Lewis, they should circulate will be very few exceptions. Please note that some books in Lewis are in fragile condition because of their age and may not circulate. If a book is in fragile condition we will ask that your Research Editor use the scanner in the library to make copies.

ILL Circulation Policies

Interlibrary Loan Circulation Policies

Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan will not circulate, but will instead be held at the Biddle Law Library's Circulation Desk in Closed Reserve. They will be available for cite-checkers to view and scan in the library, but must be returned to the Circulation Desk after use. This ensures that your journal does not accrue extensive overdue fees for late or lost ILL materials.