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Using E-Resources

This guide explains how to access resources from off-campus. If you are looking for a database, visit the library's A-Z Database page


Access Library Resources from Off-Campus

Most subscription websites keep their content locked, only allowing subscribers access. When visiting these sites on a campus computer, the site provider recognizes the computer's IP address and Penn affiliation and unlocks the content.

On a personal device, the site gatekeeper does not recognize your IP address, so you are asked to pay for access. The solution is to connect through a library's proxy server. The proxy server's IP address is recognized by site gatekeepers as affiliated with the University.

Tip: Start at the Library Website

Start your research on the Biddle Law Library's website or the Penn Libraries website.

All the e-resource links on the library sites contain the libraries' proxy information that routes users to the Pennkey login page.

There are many other options to access e-resources off campus described in this guide.

Add Proxy Information to Resource URL

Proxy Prefix

Add the proxy information to any subscription resource URL that uses IP authentication. Paste the information in front of the publisher's URL. You'll then be prompted to enter your PennKey and password.

Penn Law Proxy Prepend


Penn Libraries Proxy Prepend


Add Library Bookmarklets to Web Browser

Browser Bookmarklets

Once these bookmarklets are added to your browser, access to library resources is one click away.

Browse to your resource first, then click the browser bookmarklet to prompt PennKey login page.

Each Web browser handles bookmarklets differently. See instructions below.


Right-click the link, and select the "Bookmark This Link":

Google Chrome

Drag the link below to your bookmarks toolbar.

Internet Explorer

Right-click the link: Select the "Add to Favorites..." option.

Drag the link to your bookmarks toolbar:

Install Lean Library

Lean Library browser extension for off-campus access to library resources

Lean Library Access browser extension allows you to easily access Penn Libraries' licensed content from your laptop or desktop computer when off-campus. Once installed, when you land on content licensed by Penn Libraries, the extension icon will turn from grey to green  letting you know that, as a member of the Penn community, you have access to that content.

Clicking on thegreen Library Access icon will display a pop-up window that provides information on how to access  content.

For Penn Law subscriptions that require individual logins (e.g. Lexis+, Washington Post) Lean Library may interfere with access.

For more instructions, visit the Penn Libraries Guide on Lean Library

Lean Libary Video Overview