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Scholastica - Penn Carey Law Student Access

Q. What is Scholastica?

A. Scholastica is a Submission Manager service for academic authors which enables submission of manuscripts to multiple journals. Penn Carey Law uses Scholastica to support the publication of legal scholarship.

Q. Can students use Penn Carey Law’s Scholastica Account?

A. The Law School has an important interest in ensuring that scholarship subsidized by and submitted under the Penn Law umbrella is of good quality. To ensure that this standard is met, all users other than members of the standing faculty, including law students, must have their work approved prior to submission.

Q. How do I secure approval?

A. Student authors must secure approval from a designated faculty member or administrator in order to use the Law School’s Scholastica account, as follows:


Designated Approver

SJD students, LLM students, journal notes

Faculty advisor

Senior writing paper or other class work

Class instructor

Independent work

Deputy Dean

Contact your designated approver for confirmation that your work is of publishable quality (preferably via email). After your work is approved, submit your request for Scholastica access using this form:

After you complete the form, a Biddle Law Library staff member will contact you to complete the registration process. You will be asked to forward your faculty member/Dean’s message of approval.

Q. What happens after I’m approved?

A. A Biddle staff member will designate you as an approved Scholastica user and you will receive a confirmation message from Scholastica inviting you to create an individual account. You will use this account to access Scholastica, upload your documents, and select the journals to which you wish to submit your work.

Scholastica’s Law Review Author Guide walks you step-by-step through the process of using Scholastica. Before you begin, make sure you have a brief cover letter, a current CV, and an abstract (300-word maximum) which will accompany your manuscript.

Q. I’m graduating this year. May alumni use Scholastica through the Law School?

A.  Yes. As part of the Law School’s effort to support alumni pursuing careers in academia, recent alumni (those who graduated within the past 10 years) may request approval to use the Law School’s Scholastica account. Please contact with any questions.

Q. Can I use Scholastica to submit multiple manuscripts?

A. The Law School will subsidize no more than two article submissions per academic year. Each article may be submitted to up to 50 journals. You must obtain approval for each article manuscript for which you are seeking publication using the Law School’s Scholastica account. Student and alumni accounts will be deactivated at the end of each law review publication cycle. If you need continuing access to Scholastica to re-submit a previously-approved manuscript, please contact