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Art and Cultural Heritage Law

A guide on sources for art and cultural heritage law research.


Journals are academic publications that contain in-depth articles written by scholars and practitioners on selected topics. The journals linked below are a selection of titles available through Biddle that are specifically about art and cultural heritage law. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather intended to jump-start your research on this area. Biddle's collection contains many law journals and periodicals that span other topics, some of which may also touch upon art and cultural heritage law.

In addition to the electronic access linked below, you can find additional journals and articles using some of the strategies described in the box to the left ("To Find More Journal Articles"). You can also find print copies of many of these journals (along with Biddle's full selection of print journals) on the fifth floor of the Biddle Law Library: click this link to see a map of the fifth floor of the Biddle Law Library.

To Find More Journal Articles

You can find additional journal articles using one of the following strategies:

Art, Art Law, and Cultural Heritage Databases

Freely-Available Art, Art Law, and Cultural Heritage Databases